Sparckl Learning operates at the intersection of cutting edge technology and
brand new insights on learning. Our mission is to magically combine the worlds of learning, playing and working. Because we believe that learning can be more diverting and that learning can have far more impact. We present a proven vision on learning, a creative platform and a revolutionary App to work with.

Moving frontiers

Every moment of your life is a learning moment. As a human being it is impossible not to learn. And still, we do not really succeed in capturing significant learning moments in our daily work or in private situations. We don’t find time to reflect. Or we don’t dare to experiment. We would like to introduce ourselves as the new tourguide in learning. Together we will face new challenges. We will move your business and personal frontiers.

Feedback from users

It’s fun to see the learning steps from others and respond on their updates.
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I checked MyCicerone regularly when I was just sitting on the couch at home.
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The Sparckl Journey persuaded me to get in touch with our clients, this was really helpful.
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Persuasive Design and HRD

The possibilities of persuasive design to support learning and organizational development have only recently been identified by researchers from the academic field. Through progressive research, conducted by Rik Janssen, intern at Kessels & Smit Something, we were able to apply these findings into tangible products. In this upcoming blog we will report on this research and how these concepts have influenced our smartphone app, MyCicerone.

Leading principles

To live = To learn

The question is not how do you learn, or when. The question is how to capture it. To focus, to experiment, and to reflect. We would like to be your guide in this process.

To work = To learn

The work setting is the most powerful learning environment. We make it easy to start learning just there. Using daily situations, your smartphone and a little bit of curiosity. Leading to tangible results.

To play = To learn

A breakthrough in learning only occurs when you do something new. Play is the most underestimated manifestation of learning. We want to persuade people to explore new opportunities, through play.

Sparckl Learning